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"He has a difficulty with the lecture."

Translation:Tá deacracht aige leis an léacht.

July 11, 2015



Once I translated 'deacrachtaí' as 'problems' and it was marked wrong. I think this should be counted as correct


Is there a way to know when to translate "with" (followed by an object, not a pronoun) as "leis" and when to just use "le"?


Yeah. If there is a definite article, use leis. Le léacht. Leis an léacht.


Why is 'an léacht' as opposed to 'na léachta' This one always confuses me, compared to other lessons it's all kinds of different


na léachta is the tuiseal ginideach or genitive form - feminine nouns use na as the singular definite article in the genitive case.

But le doesn't cause the genitive. If you were using a "derived preposition" - réamhfhocail chomhshuite, you would use the tuiseal ginideach:
tar éis na léachta - "after the lecture"
i rith na léachta - "during the lecture"


Go raibh mile maith agat. Much appreciated

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