"Where is my clock?"

Překlad:Kde jsou mé hodiny?

July 11, 2015

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Tato diskuse je zamčená.


It says that the right translation translates back to "where are my hours", which means something completely different from "where is my clock". Is this an error, and if not, can you please explain it?


No, it's not an error. "A clock" is really called "hodiny" - yes, in plural. It is another noun, that is "pomnožné" (always in the plural form, like "dveře" or "kalhoty").

A good way how to test what does something look like is searching it in Google - Pictures. Try it with "clock" and "hodiny". And then try "hodinky"


I suspect the question was about something else. That when translated back into Czech, one of the acceptable translation is 'Kde jsou me hodiny' (Where are my hours).

Hodiny, but for the meaning of 'a clock' also mean hours. 1 hodina, 2 hodiny. It is little unlikely, that somebody actually would say 'where are my hours' as if somebody stole them from you but marginally correct translation.


Nad touhle diskuzi me napadlo jaky je termin pro kapesni hodinky neboli cibule. Ve slovniku jsem nenasel.


proc by neslo kde jsou me hodinky


Hodinky jsou 'watch'. Anglictina tato dve slova peclive rozeznava. clock jsou hodiny na zdi, na orloji, na policce...


How somebody could lost their clock? Usually it's a big thing, that has its own place.


Kde mám hodiny


Absolutně nesrozumitelné, flag není clock.


Proč před clock není člen?


Tam už je "my clock".

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