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How do I change my profile picture?

October 13, 2013


I tried to change my profile pic but it won't work!!!

Go into settings or follow the link and then select the "chose file" button next to your picture.

mptmpt, I have tried that but it won't work..............

Hi, maybe your picture is over 1 MB. Under the bar it says, "maximum image size is 1 MB" and it won't work if it's too big (I have tried this before). To fix it, you can crop or resize it.

I have a picture I would like to use that is 62 KB. I even made a smaller version, which is 28 KB, but neither of them will work. I select Choose File> navigate to the correct file>Open. At that point I see the name "file.jpeg" next to the Choose File button. When I click the Save button, though, the image does not come up and there is no error message or indication that the file was uploaded. I am on Windows 7 and Chrome 39.0.2171.95 m.

Even though my jpg was very small, I tried saving it to a png file instead, and for some reason that worked.

Same problem here

I tried lisaj's suggestion to use a PNG instead of a jpg and that worked. It should be explicitly stated if that is the only format that will be accepted.

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