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  5. "Hvad er din målsætning?"

"Hvad er din målsætning?"

Translation:What is your objective?

July 12, 2015



There are actually a lot of synonyms with "objective"...

I wrote "What is your target?" and it was incorrect.

But it said "What is your aim?" was also correct.

I reported it already, I hope they will add up more possible answers :)


Even though the terms "mål" and "målsætning" may seem to be synonymous, the Danish translation is incorrect; because "objective" = "mål", and "aim" = "målsætning". The correct translation of "Hvad er din målsætning" should be "What is your aim". Even in Danish, there is a difference between "mål" and "målsætning". http://www.erm.ecs.soton.ac.uk/theme4/aims_and_objectives.html


my only option for what that word could have been was "objective"


Because it says din we know that the suffix for this noun is -en.


Why would what is your purpose be wrong?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would translate that to ----> hvad er dit formål?

I'm fairly certain that, like in German (Was ist dein Zweck?), that question would be trying to insult someone or ask what their life's purpose is.


"Purpose" can mean either "something to aim for" or "a way in which something may be used"; so it should be a possible translation for both "formål" and "målsætning".

In a similar way to how the Danish word "låne" can be a valid translation for both the English words "lend" and "borrow", even though the English words are definitely not synonyms.

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