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  5. "Mi ŝatis paroli la francan."

"Mi ŝatis paroli la francan."

Translation:I liked to speak French.

July 12, 2015



...sed tiu ne mojosas. Nun, mi sxatas paroli Esperanto :)


Ankaŭ mi ŝatas paroli ahem Esperanton ;)


Why wouldn't "I liked speaking in French" work? Is there a difference between it and "I liked to speak French" that would disqualify the former as an answer?


Some difference may appear if you want to put more words in the sentence. Strictly, "I liked speaking in French" is "Mi sxatis paroli en la franca" or "Mi sxatis paroli france" (this last one seems to be more usual). For example, maybe I liked speaking some things in French, so this has to be "Mi sxatis paroli iujn aferojn france/en la franca" (while "Mi sxatis paroli iujn aferojn la francan" is totally wrong).


Let me see if I understood you correctly.

"Mi ŝatis paroli la francan" would be "I liked to speak French"? because 'paroli' is in the infinitive and that the equivalent form in English is 'to speak', right?

"I liked speaking in French" would be "Mi ŝatis paroli france" because 'in French' (-> france) acts like an adverb modifying the verb prhase 'liked speaking' (-> ŝatis paroli).

That's more or less it, right?


Yes, almost there! In fact, the adverb "france" only modifyies the verb "paroli". Besides that, you're right.


I can't believe I didn't see this until one year later. Please pardon my belated thanks.


Then, I got to French numbers. And I despaired


C'est parfaitement bon ! Septante, huitante, nonante.... /jk

In French class, we had several days of drills just listening to telephone numbers like 90 81 67 99 75 91, and writing them down.


I tried learning French first, because, y'know, I live in Canada, then I thought French was really difficult, then I started learning Esperanto, because if I were to learn more European languages, I'd recognize words from Esperanto.


Could "I enjoyed ..." also be correct?


Yes, that's fine. Did you report it?


Mais plus maintenant ? :'(

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