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"Дніпро- велика річка в Україні."

Translation:Dnipro is a big river in Ukraine.

July 12, 2015



In English, large, great rivers, such as Dnipro, Seine, Mississippi are always refereed to as "the" xyz river.


While I certainly agree about the spelling, I also don't understand the error of omission with regard to the word "the." In English it would be truly bizarre to refer to specific landmarks such as Statue of Liberty, Colorado River, etc. without using the definite article "the."

It is strange to be told I am incorrect in my native tongue when I know that it is - in fact - not incorrect.

I am just happy to have this Ukrainian course. And it is because of that feeling that I don't see any reason to get too upset about being marked "incorrect."

But it is a little discouraging when odd inconsistencies appear and tell me I am wrong and then - at other times - told I am right. The rule regarding the use of "the" in English is pretty standard though not necessarily universal. If the noun is a singular type of landmark (not just the general term "river, building, etc.) then the use of "the" is required. If it is general, that is it lacks a proper noun (river, city, etc.) then the indefinite article "a" is generally applied. Sheesh.


Here Duolingo accepts "Dnipro" or "The Dnipro river", but not "The Dnipro" and not "Dnipro river". Isn't it correct? (not a native speaker, would appreciate help)


What is wrong with "The Dnipro is a big river in Ukraine."? Leaving out the definite article (i.e. "the") makes the sentence sound awkward to a native English-speaker.


I agree. I got my answer wrong because of that too. This should be what we normally translate to English, correct? I'm reporting my answer as should be accepted.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I understood, it's either "Dnipto" or "The Dnipro river", no "the" needed if only the name of the river is mentioned (for any river not just Dnipro).

Edit: on the Internet somehow I see the usage "The Dnieper" (with "the") and "Dnipro" (without "the"), both with "the" in the form "The Dnipro/Dnieper river"... Anyone can comment on this?


I am not a linguist and cannot presume to say whether the article "the" is needed syntactically, but in my experience as a native English speaker it is always used in practice when referring to a river.


Thanks, I added it. After all, the main purpose is also to make sure the learner understood the meaning of the sentence and knows the translation of each word, so whether using "the" is 100% proper or not should not matter that much, as long as it's used (at least that's my position at least in this particular exercise).

To anyone else coming to this discussion, feel free to object, of course, the exercises can be modified depending on the consensus.


Going back to five years ago, six people made essentially the same comment ... I agree with them and wonder why no correction has been made.

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