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  5. "Han vil lære bort norsk."

"Han vil lære bort norsk."

Translation:He wants to teach Norwegian.

July 12, 2015


[deactivated user]

    I thought 'bort' meant away?


    It can mean that as well, but when used with the word 'lære' it means 'teach'. Norwegian does only have one verb for 'learn' and 'teach', often distinguished just by context. In some cases, like the above one, this one would be ambiguous, so 'bort' is added to make it clear that you teach it 'away' from you.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks fveldig. This one just threw me a bit.


      Let me guess, it threw you /away/ ?


      In this case, "threw me" means caught off guard. At least I think that's what you're asking. Unless you're making a joke about "bort" meaning "away"? ;)


      One could use 'undervise' instead to avoid confusion though, ikke sant?


      Yes, you could also say "Han vil undervise i norsk". I think there is a slight difference: 'undervise' would imply that the person is instructing a class, while 'lære bort' is more general. For instance, the person could write a book which teaches people something.


      Can you use "Bort" in cases where you can use context, or do you just use it in times of uncertainty


      You can, although it's common to add a word or a phrase to distinguish between the teach/learn: "Jeg vil lære norsk til italienere".


      Could one also teach another subject 'i Norsk'? Jeg vil lære bort/undervise (i?) biologi i Norsk?


      If you want to express that the teaching of biology will be done in Norwegian, you use the preposition på: "Jeg vil undervise i biologi på norsk".

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