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  5. "Dolmuş nereye gider?"

"Dolmuş nereye gider?"

Translation:Where does the dolmuş go?

July 12, 2015



really? dolmuş = dolmuş


one of the translations we use it shared taxi, but as "dolmuş" is not something that exists in English speaking countries, it is best to use it as it is


so you say dolmuş only exists in turkey?


I said it doesn't exist in "English speaking countries" as far as I know.


I think it's similar to the "service taxi" I used to take on Cyprus occasionally from Limassol to Nicosia.

But (a) whether Cyprus is an English speaking country or not is debatable and (b) even if you count it as one, people in the US or UK would probably still not understand that name as it's not a familiar thing for them.


I know uber taxis from the USA. They don`t have a fixed route and pick up people on the go. It works with an app and is a pretty clever way to keep taxi drivers working when there is high demand instead of going home when they have met their daily goal because with uber the price goes up with the demand. So now you can get get a taxi in New York on a rainy day...pretty smart idea. I was wondering if a dolmuş worked the same way...


Here dolmuş, translation dolmuş ; elsewhere çaydanlık, translation çaydanlık rejected, you must use teapot. Which lead us to swallow the sentence : there are no teapots in Germany. No further comments.

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