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  5. "Jeg elsker en mann."

"Jeg elsker en mann."

Translation:I love a man.

July 12, 2015



Jeg elsker Norge ))


Acctually, Jeg elsker en kvinne! Det kvinne er Sunny!


well...i hope he's a cute man


I've been told by norwegian friends elsker is quite a strong word, certainly not used by anyone that is not a loved one or family??

[deactivated user]

    It's mostly true. Follow these two links (1 and 2) to learn more.


    So, "Jag elsker du" means "ily"?


    No. Jeg elsker deg. (deg = object form of du.)


    Ja, vi elsker dette landet...


    Hi, why there is a "r" in elsker? Because elsker=loves But we cannot say "I loves a man". Can someone help me?


    You can't translate it in into English grammar. Doesn't work with northgermanic languages. I don't know the correct terminology but the grammar is more similar to german but much easier. "Elsker" is just the simple present form: Jeg elsker deg du elsker meg vi elsker dere han elsker hun as long as it present tense it's ELSKER, no matter who loves who and what. And according to friends from Norway it's only used when you're really close to someONE. Although it's grammatically correct you don't say: "jeg elsker epler", so they say. I guess Norwegian is best learned by talking, since there are so many different nuances due to regional differencies


    Nien, jeg elsker ikke en man.

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