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"He would not like that you caught the birds."

Translation:Ele não gostaria que você pegasse os pássaros.

October 13, 2013



I used ‘que pegasses’ and it was marked wrong. Reported.


I wrote " Ele nao gostaria que tu pegasses os pasaros" and it was marked wrong. It said "Ele nao gostaria que voce pegasse os passaros. When you use tu instead of voce, you add an "s" at the end of the verb. Duolingo should give you more options to use tu or have you use tu sometimes and voce and voces at other times.


agreed. this is really annoying.


And still not fixed! Frustrating.


It is still not accepting the informal second person form, so I report again.


The translation in English makes it sounds like it is a fact that you caught the birds. Is this the case? Could a possible translation be: "He would not like it if you had caught the birds" ?


it is a sentence meaning a possible consequence in future, so the person hasn't caught the birds, so it could be "he would not like it if you caught the birds".


I believe the translation for the sentence you gave would be "Ele não gostaria que você tivesse pegado os pássaros."


If it is subjunctive, shouldn`t it be "He would not like that you catch the birds."?

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