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  5. "One of them sings."

"One of them sings."

Translation:En av dem synger.

July 12, 2015



I love that "one of them sings" is "En av dem synger" which sounds almost the same! XD


Confused over when to use en and when to use ett... any advice?


'en' is the indefinite article 'a/an' for masculine nouns, 'ett' is the numeral 'one' for neuter nouns.

Norwegian has three genders and uses 'ei'(feminine), 'en'(masculine) and 'et'(neuter) as the indefinite article for these. For the numerals 'éi', 'én' and 'ett' are used, but these are often interchangeable with the indefinite article.


Can someone explain to me why is "Man av dem synger" incorrect? Thank you.


"Man" is used more like a hypothetical third person pronoun, like: "når bruker man 'man' i stedet for 'en'?"


"Man" is an indefinite personal pronoun, "en" (in this case at least, it has several meanings) is a numeral.


Previous counting lesson insisted that "one" was "én", not "en". Is it different here?

Also the tips/notes section for counting lesson confusingly uses "en" throughout...

EDIT: Never mind, found answer in fveldig's comment above.

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