"Rezervasyon kaçta?"

Translation:At what time is the reservation?

July 12, 2015

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Need a bit more clarity here. I notice that the bots are cool with not answering "Rezervasyon saat kaçta." However, there is another exercise in this very same skill set that requests (Hope I'm remembering correctly!) an English--> Turkish translation of "At what time is the flight?". In that case, one is dinged if one replies "Uçuş kaçta" instead of "Uçuş saat kaçta." Why is "saat" not required for reservations but is for flights?


so do you get an answer after completing the tree ? :)


"when is the reservation?" should be accepted!


Nope :) That would be "Rezervasyon ne zaman." "kaçta" is much less general than just "when" It really means "what time" specifically


I understand the logic here, but in English I feel like "When is the reservation?" is just as specific as "At what time is the reservation?" Reservations are by nature as a specific time or date. In English I would way "When is the reservation" with much more frequency than I would ever say "At what time is the reservation?"


I'm not a native English speaker but if I say "When is the reservation?" I feel like I'm asking for a date (is it today? tomorrow?) but if I say "At what time is the reservation?" I'm just interested in the hour (6pm, 7pm, etc.), regardless of whether I know the date or not.


I would tend to say "FOR what time is the reservation." If someone asked me, I would say "I have a reservation FOR seven o'clock," e.g.


Just an forgotten alternative :) It has been added.


how can we ask ____ how much is the reservation ?


Same question to me ...

Looked for an answer and was given: rezervasyon ne kadar?

Not sure - would be glad for some reply. Thank you in advance! :)


Kaçta in this sentence means at what time but it is not accepted in the other sentence uçuş saat kaçta? Nov 2020


Could this be "reservasyonu kaçta?" For 'the reservation'?


No, because it's not the object of a verb.

The accusative is only for definite objects -- it has to be both definite and the object of a verb.

Here, "rezervasyon" is the subject.


Sort of idiomatic expression, yes?


In which language? I wouldn't call it idiomatic in either language :D "kaçta" or "saat kaçta" is how you say "at what time" in Turkish :)


Oh. I thought kaçta meant "how much," and only the phrase "saat kaçta" (and "ne zaman") meant "at what time." Learned something new, teşekkür ederim!


"ne zaman" is more general "when" rather than "at what time" which usually expects a clock time / hour reference.


does "kaçta" mean "how much....at" and not " at what time" and "saat kaçta" only means "at what time" or i am wrong?


I think;

When is the reservation &

At what time is the reservation?

Means exactly the same, But Duo only excepts WORD-TO-WORD translation.


Why can I not use appointment. Reservation and appointment have been accepted in other questions but suddenly only reservation is been accepted. If it is right elsewhere it should be right here. If not it should not be accepted at an answer in any of the questions.!!!


You can use saat kaçta here even if common usage omits saat. Every Turk will understand.

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