"I am eating it."

Translation:Jeg spiser det.

July 12, 2015



When should i use det and den?


It is dependent on gender. "Den" is used on masculine and feminine words which are words that use "en" to refer to "a", "an", and "the" I don't know how to tell if one is feminine). "Det" is used on neutered words which use "et" to refer to "a", "an", and "the". A masculine word would be "orange", "en applesin" and "applesinen", and an example of neuter would be "apple", "et eple" and "eplet". If a horse is eating an apple and you're referring to that, you would say "Hesten spiser det." If the horse is eating an orange, you would say "Hesten spiser den." If you're not sure what the object is, I believe you're supposed to use "det" because you would make it a genderless word.
Hope this helps! I had to Google it when i saw your question. Sources are: http://www.learnnorwegiannaturally.com/norwegian-grammar/indefinite-and-definite-articles-in-norwegian/ https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/ScanStuds/Norwegian+Nouns


Well that helped. sorry if i sound sarcastic, im not trying I swear-


tusen takk daddydanny , bundle of thanks


Good explanations! Tusen takk!


I was just going to ask the same question and saw this reply. Thank you


There's a glitch with the word "den".... The voice is cut out...


The slow audio sounds a bit wrong, and has a weird pronunciation of 'den', if that's what you're referring to.


Nope. When I click on that word it's just static with no voice. I reported it. It hasn't done that with any other words so I assume it's a glitch.


There is a glitch in this phrase. It will not allow me to pass regardless of the answer.


I am having the same issue. I've had this issue on a few of the other fill in the blank questions that have multiple answers.


There's a mistake in this sentence, which ever I use it sais I'm wrong, although I used the right one.


If before that sentence I had that I loved meat and then said I was eating it, could I use den instead of det?


Can we also translate this as "Jeg spiser den? What's the difference between 'den' and 'det'? Thanks.


I posted the answer on the same basic question above :)


What would it be if it was "I eat it"?

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