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"La grosse fille"

December 29, 2012



i'm confused between "grosse" & "grande".sometimes they carry the same meaning in the sentence!


Can someone French comment about the use of "gros" and "grosse" in the daily life? Generally, are these adjectives more prone to qualify something "great", "big" (in space, an area, a volume, a geographic place, etc) or something like "fat" (big in "mass", "corpulent")?


I am not sure there is any rule for safe translations from and to French. You may want to check in a dictionnary.

Maybe examples will help you:

une grosse dame - fat

un gros chien - big

un gros chèque - at least 4 numbers!

une grosse voiture - power

un grand homme - great

un homme grand - tall

une grande voiture - space

une grande tour - high (Eiffel Tower or sky scraper)


How can I make the difference between plural and singular in cases like this ? For example here I wrote "grosses filles" instead of "grosse fille"


You should focus on the article: singular LA, plural LES.

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