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thanks for all the help and encouragement

Just a quick line to say thanks to everyone who has helped me with the MANY questions I have asked whilst working through my french tree, especially Sitesurf (your input has been invaluable). I got very frustrated about halfway through the tree as I felt I had hit a wall and someone else suggested starting back at the beginning before moving further on. I took that advice and as a result my skills improved no end and I can now report that I have now finished the tree and am even looking forward to going through it all again! Thanks duolingo and all who contribute to this amazing site :-)

October 14, 2013



Now you should try English for French speakers to help solidify your knowledge.:)


Already "dipped my toe" in that pool a couple of weeks ago must revisit it again soon.


Love to hear this! Congrats on finishing the tree. Sitesurf is an incredible community member :)

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