"Now I have time."

Translation:Nå har jeg tid.

July 12, 2015



why is "Na jeg har tid" wrong?


Write 'naa' if you don't have the 'å'.

Norwegian is a V2-language, so the verb should be in the second position in declarative sentences.


This single comment helps make the course a lot easier (that's hoping this rule applies in most places)


Stll marked as wrong, apparently har has to come before jeg?


"Har" needs to take up the second position in the sentence, as explained by fveldig above. This gives you these two alternatives:

"Nå har jeg tid."
"Jeg har tid nå."


Norwegian word order is generally more like English than German. However, if an element is fronted (moved to the first position in the sentence) it displaces the subject, which moves after the verb.

Jeg må visst gå hjem nå. 'I'd better go home now.'

Here nå 'now' is fronted: Nå må jeg visst hjem. 'now I'd better go home.'

Source: https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/plugins/servlet/mobile?contentId=4096253#content/view/4096253

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