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Longest streak statistics?

Can I see statistics about my longest streak anywhere? I'm going to lose my current streak when I go overseas, and it would be great to have a badge or something to preserve what my record was so I can try to beat it next time.

October 14, 2013



I just came back from Bangkok after a week of vacation. And I was having a hard time finding wifi. Thankfully I managed to keep my 90 days streak.


Sorry for bothering you with this comment (I don't even know if you'll get it), but I just want to show you how far you got. I mean, that guy just wanted to keep his 90 days streak and look where you are now! Congratulations !


For now, you'll just need to write it down or screencap it.:(


I just found this old post while searching for something else, and thought it was very amazing that you now have almost a 6 year streak after posting this 6 years ago!


Thanks! The streak thing is very motivating. I haven't usually done a lot of exercises per day but just one lesson per day a good way to keep in practice :)

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