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"Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland?"

Translation:Poblacht na hÉireann nó Tuaisceart Éireann?

July 13, 2015



why is hEireann offered as a hint when it is not correct?


The translation of “Ireland” into Irish depends upon how it’s used; the nominative form is Éire, the dative form is Éirinn, and the genitive form is Éireann. Most (but not all) genitive uses require the article, so in those cases it would be na hÉireann. This exercise has examples of the two genitive variations.


"na" is not plural - it is the genitive singular - just one of those inexplicable things that make learning a language so challenging.


Used in this context "na" indicates the feminine genitive singular. So we know "Éire" must be a feminine noun.

With masculine nouns the genitive singular is indicated by using "an" - e.g. "roth an rothair", "wheel of the bicycle". So we know "rothar" must be a masculine noun.


A more poignant question now more than ever after Thursday's vote.


Corcaí na hÉireann :-) Love the humour in some of these...


How does "na hÉireann" equate to "of Ireland"? I mean, why is the article plural? I have the same difficulty with "na Blarnan" meaning "of Blarney". I understand it's one of those linguistic oddities that the genitive needs an article, but I would have thought it would be "an Éireann".


The article isn't plural: it's feminine genitive singular, which happens to have a similar form to the nominative plural of either gender.

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