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"A menina dorme uma vez por dia."

Translation:The girl sleeps once a day.

December 29, 2012



"one time per day" should be accepted


a weird sentence..


"one time per day" is not good english. For one time, use "once", for two times use "twice".


why is "one time per day" wrong?


It said it's supposed to be "the girl sleeps once a day" but I put "the girl sleeps one time a day" and that didn't sound right, I mean people don't use that, and it said it was right? So which is correct?


I think Duolingo accepts "one time a day" but in correct English you would say "once a day" ("once" for "one time", "twice" for "two times"; after that you will use "three times", "four times", and so on)


Why need uma when vez also means the same?


In Portuguese there are three different words for the English "time":

  • vez = time, occasion
  • hora(s) = time, o'clock
  • tempo = time, all other senses including "weather" and "tense"

If you use only vez, it would seem like time/occasion without numeral or article:

  • A menina dorme uma vez por dia = The girl sleeps one time a day
  • A menina dorme vez por dia = The girl sleeps time a day
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