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  5. "I like cats."

"I like cats."

Translation:Eu gosto de gatos.

October 14, 2013



Ok, I don't understand "gostar de"? How do you use the "de" portion of it? Does it ever change to gosto do,dos,da or das and when? And is "Eu gosto dos gatos" correct because I selected both Eu gosto de gatos e Eu gosto dos gatos.


If you want to say "I like" you always use "Eu gosto de". If you like cats in general use "gatos", if it's a specific cat, "o gato", a specific group of cats, "os gatos" or a specific female cat "a gata". Then you combine the two phrases using the contracted forms of "de" and the article "o, a, os, as" if present, to get "Eu gosto de gatos", "Eu gosto do gato", "Eu gosto dos gatos" and "Eu gosto da gata".




I'm leaning too, but what's really helped me remember the right way to phrase is using a synonym to translate gostar. Rather than "to like" I say "to be fond of."


I can't say: Eu gosto das gatas?


I mean duolingo corrected me and said "gatas is masculine" and then: "eu gosto dos gatas"

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