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Very little audio? Any tips?

I joined duolingo just a few days ago and it's a fantastic learning tool. I've wanted to learn Irish for quite some time but couldn't find a way to engage myself until now.

As of now, the grammar hasn't been too terribly difficult and I use a combination of this site and quizlet for the vocab, so that's absorbing well. However, I notice there's a lack of audio per lesson past the first beginning course. If each section has 20 words, there's only audio for 7 of those words. I think I read that every vocab word is said at least once and they're all spread out but I can say that I actually don't know what 60% of the vocab I've learned sounds like. It really hurts learning how to spell things right to because there's little chance of me sounding it out.

Anyone have any tips on some sort of audio practice I can do?

July 13, 2015



Besides Forvo, I also use this one, where you can hear 3 different dialects: http://www.teanglann.ie/en/fuaim/gaeilge


Go to forvo.com. They have many Irish audio recordings.


But be careful with Force because not everyone is a native speaker.


thanks, i'll check it out :)

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