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  5. "Je suis français."

"Je suis français."

Translation:I am French.

December 29, 2012



There's no reason why "Je suis française" should not be accepted. In fact, because I'm female, it's incorrect for me to say "Je suis français." There was no option for me to report an error on this question, either. :(


In translation from English, "je suis française" is accepted.

But in dictation "write in French what you hear in French", you cannot use "française" which ends with a Z sound, whereas "français" ends in a vowel sound.


So does that mean when writing in french i cant say française even though im a female? Do j have to use français...?


Yes, the noun French is "français" whether you speak or write or teach it or learn it.


I cant reply to other comment somehow....but tysmm


So would it be wrong to say je suis française?


No, that is not wrong and it is not the same. You are not the French language, but when you speak French or write in French, then we are talking about the French language and it is a masculine noun. You are French, as in nationality or culture. This is an adjective which must match the person or thing that is being described. So, it is "Je suis française.", but "Je parle français."


Ben moi non, mais j'aimerais l'être. :)


Isn't "Je suis francaise" pronounced different from "Je suis francais"?


Yes, it's pronounced slightly different, you would hear the "s".


The final -se in "française" is a Z sound


Hi saksxalmo, You need to say what kind of question you were answering; the same phrase will be used again and again in different types of question. If you were asked to translate "I am French", then you're right, if you were asked to listen to "Je suis francais", then writing "Je suis française" would not be accepted because the difference should be audible.


Totally agree. I had the same issue


It's weird to hear duolady to say "Je suis français." :)


The tts voices are reading all the sentences as if from a book. The sentences do not pertain to the reader, but rather to the creator of the sentences.


Je ne suis pas français.... Mais j'aime étudier français!


I used the feminine ending because it is a woman speaking. It seems to me the error is theirs to have a woman using the masculine ending.


No, the tts voices read all sentences just like students read a book in class.


It is female voice while she say a male sentence. This masculine sentence is better to be said by a male voice . So the learners do not get confused as well.


Both tts voices read all the sentences as students read a book in class.


No sentence in Duolingo is tied to a specific voice, most likely because it's not a real person pronouncing the sentence, it's a text-to-speech program. It's random whether you get the female voice or the male one. You should just completely disregard the gender of the voice speaking the sentence.


Why is francais not capitalised?


Because it is considered as a standard adjective.

Nationality nouns are capitalised: un Français, une Anglaise


But francais here also refers to nationality, how to judge if it is standard adj.?


"Je suis français" is translated word for word to I am French.

"Je suis un Français", with an article + a capital F makes it obvious that it is a noun and translates to I am a French man (or boy).


Oh I see! Thank you!


You look beautiful Verlèin! x French do not capitalise countries/nationalities, unlike for example the English language does.


Non! Je suis anglais!!!!


the audio was a woman speaking should not the answer be feminine


No, the voices read all sentences as students read a book in class.


I wrote "an" instead of "am" and got it wrong instead of a typo. Cmoooon.


A typo is only allowed if it does not make another word.


If i was french i wouldnt be here...


This is my second day on duolingo and I adore it!!


There's no reason why"je suis française"should not be acce


Yes, there is. "Française" ends with a -z consonant sound and "Français" with an -è vowel sound.


Why not say "Je suis française" if you're a female?


In dictation, if you hear a Z sound at the end, it is the feminine "française". Otherwise, it is the masculine "français".


Excuse me, I am a woman, so Je suis françaisE.


So taking this to an extreme, you wouldn't consider yourself able to read 'A Tale of Two Cities' to someone else then. It's just practice, that's all. Jesus, the voice may have said 'I am a rabbit' ......


I fell for the male female thing as well. I guesse she could just be reading a statement and she is not necessaraly talking about herself. Will watch out for this in future and listen to the word endings.


Thaks to the Lord, we have a Moderator! It is a big help. Neither languages are not my native ones!


The lady saying " je suis français induces to error


It was a woman I was listening to though so I assumed it would be the femanine française that I should use, I think this question is a little misleading.


A woman is speaking.


Apples and oranges much?


What is the spelling of french in french


I always forgot meaning of suis


It's a female voice, so it should be française


Please ignore the apparent gender of the audio because both speakers can read any sentence and they are randomly dispatched.


Sorry Sitesurf, that doesn't work. The question was to type what you heard. French is a gendered language, and there was a female voice reading the sentence, so in French the correct answer was "Je suis française". There was nothing to indicate that the sentence was intended to be spoken by a male, and therefore no reason to use the masculine form (français). It is not fair to mark someone incorrectly when they have given the correct answer. Also, are we to assume that all phrases are male, no matter who reads them?


They sound differently though. You should assume that the s would be pronounced in "francaise", but not in "francais." You should pretend that the two voices are taking turns reading from a book.


Even on correct answers can you put the correct spelling so I can make sure and also reinforce that ai am getting the diacritical marks correct?


Why have i lost two years of progress with the new version of this app? And how do i speak to someone about this?

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