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"Jeg gjorde det ikke med vilje."

Translation:I did not do it intentionally.

July 13, 2015



Could this also mean I did not do it voluntarily?


No, that would be "jeg gjorde det ikke frivillig". :)


Then, why did it mark it as correct when I put, "I didn't do it willingly?" Was that an error by Duolingo?

  • 1790

Could someone explain the use of "ikke" here. Is it negating the verb or can "ikke" be used as a negative in other ways? Could "uten vilje" be used to say "without intention?" Or "med intet vilje?"


Some younger people, especially children, could sometimes say "uten vilje", and it would be understood, but it is not considered correct, and would sound somewhat childish. In 50 years it might have become acceptable, but not now. The last one is jyst incorrect. "Intet" would mean "nothing" and not "no".


It shows "I did it unintentionally" as a solution, above shows "I did not do it intentionally" as a translation, but does not accept "I did not intentionally do it", which I think it should?


What is the difference between 'knowingly' and 'consciously'? As 'knowingly' is accepted but 'consciously' not


Should my answer be accepted? I am English, and it means the same to me. "I intentionally didn't do it"


Sounds good to me.


I feel 'I intentionally didn't do it' has a different interpretation to 'I didn't do it intentionally'. The former implies you deliberately avoided performing an action (e.g. washing the car); the latter implies accidentally doing something (e.g. breaking a window on the car while washing it).

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