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Immersion performance issues

I am experiencing performance issues in the immersion section. Doing translations is very slow. I could translate much faster but spend most of my time waiting for things to highlight, translation windows to pop up, etc. (I am using Internet Explorer 8). A few specifics:

  1. It takes several seconds for a sentence to be highlighted when hovering with the pointer. Also, at least on my browser, the font changes (maybe to a non-proportional font), which has the effect of changing the word position and line breaks. That makes it very hard to hover on specific words, as the word moves as the sentence gets highlighted. I don't see that the hovering feature on a sentence has much value--one could just click on the sentence to bring up the translation window, and that might speed things up.

  2. It takes a little while for the pop-up window to display. Maybe if it was always present, in a seperate frame (with conent which changed when a sentence was clicked) it would be faster.

  3. When I display "all versions" of a translation, I only see the name of the translator. Not sure if it is supposed to work that way or not. But I would rather see the different versions of the sentence. I would also like to be able to "vote" on the best translation rather than just viewing the latest translation and marking it "right" or "wrong." Often I have a prefered translation, but don't consider what is there to be wrong. It would be a good learning experience to easily see the variations, and would seem to better capatalize on the crowd sourcing value.

  4. I saw another comment that someone did not want to see any translations until they typed their own, and I agree that would be a good option.

  5. A discussion section on the sentence, enabling comments without necessarily making changes, would be a good enhancement--like the "discuss sentence" feature of the lesson section.

  6. When displaying the original and translated version side by side, it is so slow I am finding it basically unusable.

  7. I am not sure how much of the processing is server-side and how much is client-side. Maybe more information could be downloaded up front and have the display functions/selections done locally? I feel like there is a latency issue between my commands and the response.

  8. It might be helpful to have an option to translate an entire article (without a need for any mouse actions), then go back and do a sentence by sentence comparison of your own translation to others--showing the best rated translation and the others, allowing one to upload their translation if he thinks it is sufficiently different.

Do others have these issues or is it unique to me? I have an older, slower laptop, a fair/good internet connection, and an old browser.

The website overall is very good. I would just like to see a good idea made better.

October 14, 2013



Thanks for letting us know. Like many other websites, Duolingo doesn't work amazingly well on IE8 (or older versions of IE for that matter). We'll be fixing a few of these issues, but in the meantime I'd recommend trying to use Chrome if at all possible.


Chrome works much better, thanks.

If there is a list of recommended browsers somewhere on the website, I could not find it. Such a list would be helpful.

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