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Miss the "now you can read xx%" message

Since a few week the "now you can read xx% of all real Spanish text" is gone and replaced with a ( in my opinion) useless xx% fluency score. I liked the first one much more because you can see the % grow. Please bring it back and delete the fluency score.

3 years ago


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I'm sure that all of this things like "you can read xx%" or "you have xx% of fluently" are completely wrong, for example I learned some French lessons and acording with Duolingo I have 20% of fluently only with 5 units, this is one Duolingo problem for me.

3 years ago

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That's probably because the initial stuff taught will be so common that you will come across them in most articles. But knowing a few words in a sentence will not help one comprehend the meaning of the complete sentence. The initial rise will be high but towards the later half increase of 1% will also need completion of several lessons or even skills (in some cases). The highest that Duolingo courses seem to take is around 65% (from what I have seen mentioned in the forums).

3 years ago