French - vision to go on - what's next?

Hello all,

I want to give vision and courage to anyone interested in learning more…

I am progressing in French and I found that duoLingo is an excellent free service but you cannot rely only on it to learn a language.

It is more complex than just that and I recommend trying other services in parallel.

For example I want to recommend you to try FluentU it is really useful with nice tips.

LanguageGuide is other nice service. You can try also education

I studied also using Ciep’s material. By the way it helped me to pass the DELF A1 exam a while ago and after I applied for B1 and passed too. So I really recommend it for anyone seriously interested to study French for such exams.

There are a lot of resources on the internet. Please check this nice list

I really want to encourage you to not give up! It requires diligence but above all: INTEREST…

Think why do you want to learn French (or whatever skill) and keep that in mind. Make a “covenant” with yourself and do not “betray” you yourself!

Probably the best way to learn a language is to speak it. You can start learning the basics then try to listen words, phrases and expressions as much as possible. Next try to repeat yourself in audible voice (imitate what you heard even if it is not that clear...). Practice phrases and simulate conversations (if you are alone do the parts of both interlocutors) and as soon as you have any chance (make a chance!) talk with someone. After all why do you would want to learn a language if it is not to speak!

I practice sometimes with my 7 years old son… He obviously learned much faster than me. It is because he just speaks with his friends...

If nothing works than just have a good time learning. I am sure it will work.

Have a good learning!

July 13, 2015


Listen as much as possible, that is the key. Podcasts!

July 13, 2015

Any suggestions on helpful podcasts? I have found it difficult to find appropriate feeds. Any advice gratefully received, Best regards,

July 14, 2015 they have an entire library depending on your level.

July 14, 2015

Wonderful websites and wonderful list of websites. Really it helped me so much. And these websites not at French only, but it will help me to learn all the languages. Merci beaucoup.

July 13, 2015

Thanks for the tips! The language guide in particular is great. Have a lingot :)

July 13, 2015

Wow! Thank you Chairs!

July 13, 2015

This is the best list of links that I've seen for French. Have some more lingots!

July 13, 2015

Thank you! I appreciate your offer.

July 13, 2015

Great suggestions! It helped me to go on.

July 13, 2015

Merci beaucoup pour les renseignements! Tres utile :-)

July 14, 2015

How true! And yes, for any language. I started playing (literally) with Spanish on my phone, just less than four years ago. Now I am dabbling with high intermediate and have a huge base of what I'm familiar with, more and more comes to me every time I hear Spanish.

Just this month, I started on French. Wow! I can't say I have anything yet but I am finding it so much easier than I expected. Wow. I definitely look for other opportunities to listen (truly the key), speak (the necessity) and also read and write. Youtube is invaluable. I especially like Señor Jordan's Spanish children's stories starting with 'el mono'. They help me practice my pronunciation and learn sentence structure painlessly. Now I am on the hunt for such resources in French. Thanks to you and all you who left comments. I now have a lot to explore. Merci beaucoup ! Lingots...

July 13, 2018

Thank you for your comment and help. I found more resources with Johan from "Français Authentique" - very nice! Maybe one of the best ways to learn a language, having fun. I understand almost everything he says. Please check it out here ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿

July 13, 2018
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