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Never give up

I have tried and tried to get pass a lot of these levels but I still kept on trying. Can any of you guys give me some more advice on remembering the words?

October 14, 2013



Writing down foreign sentences. Not to look back at, practising by writing already helps remembering.


What Lenkvist said. Take a pen and write it down. It's often easier to think about a word when you write it on paper because you're more focused on it and it takes longer than typing. You can also make up your own simple sentences using that word.


Thank you guys so much for advice! You guys are awesome


and don't give up! I think the more you learn, the more easily you will pick up new words. If I am really having trouble with a few words I write them on cards, with the meaning on the back and go through them over and over (looking at the English side and spelling out the other side before turning it over to check). It might be worth a try.


I will definitely try that also thank you

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