"Zij is in de grote gevangenis aan het werken."

Translation:She is working at the big prison.

July 13, 2015

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Can you say "Zij is aan het werken in de grote gevangenis" or is this incorrect?


It sounds a bit less natural, but it's ok.


You forgot that "is" is also a verb and in Dutch the second verb must be placed at the end. But I think it's understandable though unnatural.


Does anyone know why "she works in the big prison" was not accepted?


Because you're not necessarily conveying the sense that she is there, right at this moment, working. 'She works in the big prison' can mean that that is her job -- she could be lazing in the pool while you're saying this, but not with the 'aan het werken' sentence.


How do you differentiate between 'they' and 'she'? I previously used the conjugated verb to indicate the subject, but it is not so clear if we are using the infinitive (as seen in werken) or is there another way to realize?


I think the verb zijn indicates which person is being used. Zij is = she is. Zij zijn = they are. I'm also learning though, so might not be correct.


Another way to say this could be "Zij werkt in de grote gevangenis," correct?


Your sentence is not quite the same thing. "Zij werkt in de grote gevangenis" means that she is presently employed by the prision but may or may not be there at this exact moment. "Zij is in de grote gevangenis aan het werken" means that she is working in the prison at the exact moment that we are talking about it..


I think that "Zij werkt in de grote gevangenis" translates to She works in the big prison or She is working in the big prison. Implying that this is her job. "Zij is in de grote gevangenis aan het werken" translates to She is at the big prison, working. She may not be working just for today


She is working in a big prison


What is wrong with 'she is working IN the big prison'?


That should be fine, flag it if it wasn't accepted.


how do you say "she is at the big prison, working"? putting the emphasis on the location


I always say in Dutch: "is aan het werk; not: aan het werken.


I always say in Dutch: "is aan het werk; not: aan het werken. en dat doe ik ook! aan het werken is geen correct nederlands!


Jailhouse and jail is the same...


She works in the big prison.


Is 'large jail' different from 'big prison'?


is this sentence necessarily saying that she is working in the prison this very second or could it possibly be saying that she currently works there at this stage of her life (but is not necessarily at work right now)


Can anyone offer any clarification on working op, in, or, bij? I have seen each of these used at different times. I am not sure which to use when asked to translate English to Dutch.


I swear she is not saying "de" in the fast version. I realize it must be there, just going so quickly

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