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  5. "She is not eating the sugar."

"She is not eating the sugar."

Translation:Hun spiser ikke sukkeret.

July 13, 2015



I wrote "hun ikke spiser sukkeret" but it said it's wrong and the correct answer is "hun spiser ei sukkeret" . Is "ei" means "ikke"?


"ikke" can always be replaced by "ei" (but not always the other way, as 'ei' can also mean 'a/an'), but it's uncommon to do so.

I don't know why you got "Hun spiser ei sukkeret" as the suggested correct answer, as it should'e been "Hun spiser ikke sukkeret", as this is the most common way of saying it.

As to why you're sentence was incorrect: In declarative sentences the verb should always be in the second position (Norwegian is a V2-language). Adverbs, such as 'ikke' should come after the verb.


So "ikke" could not possibly go at the very end of the sentence as a variant here? Thanks!


I wrote "Hun spiser ikke sukkeret" but it says it should be "Hun eter ikke sukkeret"

[deactivated user]

    What's the deal with the sugar and the salt?

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