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Pause timed practice between questions for error reporting

During timed practice, I very rarely report when a question has an error, because it costs me time to do so. As a solution, I propose that the clock should stop in between when the "Check" button is clicked and when the "Continue" button is clicked (i.e. after one question is finished, but before the next one is started). It is sometimes possible to see a formulation in timed practice that one does not see in the initial lessons, so in that case this change would also allow users to go look at the discussions if they are totally lost.

October 14, 2013



This will kind of break the spirit of timed practice, when you have to think and reply quickly without pauses, switching from one task to another. But I believe it would be fine to have an option to go through the tasks after you finish the session to analyze your mistakes, read comments or report program errors.

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I think you're not the first to request this -- hopefully they will have time to implement it at some point. Often I make a noble sacrifice of my timed practice run to report the error :)


Kudos to you for your effort. I think I have tried it once or twice, but when the timer stopped it moved to the crying owl page so I couldn't submit the feedback, so I didn't try it again.

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