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  5. "East or West?"

"East or West?"

Translation:Схід чи Захід?

July 13, 2015



I just noticed. Why are all the Ukrainian compass directions capitalized?


If you speak about direction, you don't capitalize; if about some territore, you capitalize. Схід (сонця) is also sunrise and захід (сонця) - sunset. If you speak about sun, you don't capitalize either.


Thank you, both Vinnfred and chemiazrit.

These are some additional examples from the lesson which either do not follow the rule or are inconsistent in the translation of the word. I would argue that simply saying east or west, north or south, east or northwest and the like, is stating direction and not a region.

Північ чи Південь? North or South?

Ви жили на заході? Did you live in the West?

На заході чи на сході? In the West or in the East?

These women worked in the South. Ці жінки працювали на півдні.

I have reported this.

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