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  5. "Mag dein Kind Tiere?"

"Mag dein Kind Tiere?"

Translation:Does your child like animals?

December 29, 2012



How do we know what order this is supposed to go in? The correct translation is "does your child like animals" but the first time I did I thought it was "Do animals like your child?". There's no article in the sentence to tell you which one should go where.


Also, in this case since the verb is singular it cannot apply to the plural "Tiere".


In such a simple sentence with one subject, a verb and an object, and without indicating articles, the word order becomes important, with the subject coming first. Of course in this case, the verb is inverted since its a question sentence.


But with a sentence like "Mögen deine Kinder Tiere?" I think it's ambiguous and depends on your spoken inflection, am I right?


My guess is that the word order solves the ambiguity. i.e. "Mögen deine Kinder Tiere?" versus "Mögen Tiere deine Kinder?" It's an interesting question, maybe a native German could help..

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