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"O şehrin nüfusu çok büyük değil."

Translation:That city's population is not very big.

July 13, 2015



The root is: şehir, right? So why not şehirin?


Yes, the root is 'şehir'. But there is a rule such as that. It is called 'ünlü düşmesi' in Turkish, but i don't know the English grammatical equivalent of it.

The rule applies to some two-syllabled words having one of ı,i,u,ü in its second syllable. ıf such a word takes a suffix beginnig with a vowel the second vowel is omitted. Best way to learn them is practising.


burun-um = burnum (nose)

boyun-um = boynum (neck)

ağız-ım = ağzım (mouth)

alın-ım = alnım (forehead)

karın-ım = karnım (stomach)

isim-im = ismim (name)

fikir-imiz = fikrimiz (idea)

keşif-im = keşfim (exploration)

beyin-in = beynin (brain)

devir = devri (age/era)


Thank you so much for your explanation! Ligot-worty!


My pleasure and thanks for the lingot.


I am wondering the same thing.

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