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  5. "Kan du gjenta spørsmålet?"

"Kan du gjenta spørsmålet?"

Translation:Can you repeat the question?

July 13, 2015



Yes, no, maybe... I don't know...


Ja, nei, kanskje, jeg vet ikke ... kan du gjenta spørsmålet?

Du er ikke sjefen til meg nå, du er ikke sjefen til meg nå, du er ikke sjefen til meg nå, og du er ei så stor ... (2 ganger)

Livet er urettferdig.

Jeg elsket denne programmen, Malcolm i midten.


Are 'gjenta' and 'jenta' pronounced almost the same then? I'm guessing there's a slight difference though; (other than through context, of course) how could I differentiate them?


The first syllable is in 'jenta', while none are in 'gjenta'. 'gjenta' is also a compound word (gjen+ta), so the 'n' can last longer than in 'jenta'. The easiest way to differentiate would be to put the word into context. Would "Can you the girl the question" make sense in English?


Thanks! And yeah, I did say 'other than through context', because if you just said the word separately you couldn't depend on it.


As I said, there is a slight difference in pronunciation, but when you're hearing fast speaking, you might not be able to hear this. So it would probably be easier to just understand by context, but if you were to listen to both words some times you might be able to recognize this difference.


Do you stress the "ta" in "gjenta"? I don't*, but for me "jenta" is in tonelag 2 and "gjenta" in tonelag 1.

* However, I think the /a/ in "gjenta" is more open and the /a/ in "jenta" more lax.


My Norwegian-Norwegian dictionary says jenta and gjenta aee homonyms.


Du er ikke sjeffen av meg nå.


"Gjenta" - "(i)gjen ta" - take again?


What kind of verb is "å gjenta"? It does not seem to be a regular one.


Ja, nei, kanskje, jeg vet ikke...


Can you repeat the question?

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