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Turkish Series and Songs!

can everyone join and add the Turkish series and song they listen to or watch? everyone can benefit as well and join by adding or by benefiting . Turkey is famous with it's amazing soaps and music.

July 13, 2015



Where I live the Spanish Channel regularly puts on Turkish shows such as "Suleiman" and "Sura ve Seyit." Both are historic and are set in Istanbul, but the first is set in Suleiman's time and the other set around the time of Atatürk. The costumes are beautiful and my family and I always joke about how all the actors are good looking. I watch them in Spanish, but maybe you can find them in their original language.


Can someone translate this for me? I really like this song!

Yağmur dinmiyorsa yollar bitmiyorsa Sen üzülme bi gülümse gel benimle Her şey bitti derken Şansım döndü birden Aşk öyle bir mucize Benimle gel gülümse gel (x2) Hayat bazen zor olsa da yine güzel (x2) Sen misin ilacım (x2) Ben kalbinde bi kiracı Yerleşicem sımsıksı ben Aşk başladı (gel hemen$


If rain doesn't stop, if roads doesn't end, don't be sad, come with me. I thought everything was gone, then my luck turned back to me. Love is a miracle, come with me, smile & come. come with me, smile & come. even if it's hard sometimes, life is beautiful. even if it's hard sometimes, life is beautiful. are you my medicine? are you my medicine? I am an occupant of your heart I will live very tight. love began. come quickly.


mustesem yuzyil/ muhtesem yuzyil: Kosem/ Kurt seyit ve sura/ Kis gunesi/ Erkenci kus/ Dolunay/ Calikusu/ Dirilis Ertugrul/ Enjoy!!

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