"La torta nel piatto è la nostra."

Translation:The cake on the plate is ours.

October 14, 2013

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Is is just me, or is the male voice saying "nostre" instead of "nostra"?


You are right he says nostre.


That's what I'm hearing too, so I got it wrong. However, if I'd thought about it I'd have realised that it couldn't be nostrE because it has to agree with lA tortA. I'll know next time


Sono completamente d’accordo! He is definitely saying nostre. I have reported it as a fault.


This guy has horrible pronunciation. He also says dooh instead of zoo. ❤❤❤ Duoling?


He also mispronounced torta and nel. Maybe this is to accustom ourselves to understanding Italian, even when spoken badly. In real life, if we catch the gist of it, we can continue the conversation. In the case of Duo, we are trying to be taught the correct way, so I accept getting it wrong, writing down the correct answer and getting it right at the end of the lesson.


I have a female text to speech, and it's perfect.


Yes, he is saying "nostre."


why la in front of nostra when it translates to "is ours", instead of "our cake is on the plate?"


Simply a grammar rule... I know that it makes no sense, but it is another grammar rule. It reminds me of how one must say "El Señor Putnam," (The Mr. Putnam) instead of simply "Señor Putnam" (Mr. Putnam) in Spanish.

Side note, there has been quite the battle over this cake...


Not quite sure what you mean with your question.. Sounds like two questions there, I'll try answering both, hopefully I get at least one that answers what you asked. First off, why la in front of nostra. For posessives it's just a grammar rule (All posessives need a translation of "the" to be with them (il, i, la, le, etc, etc) and la is one of them) Why it translates to "is ours" instead of "our cake is on the plate." I think it's got to do with the position of the posessive in the original sentence. It's at the end instead of the original sentence being "La nostra torta è nel piatto"


It doesn't say on, it says in. On is sul


because nel = in + il (in the)
For an Englishman "the cake is on the plate", for an Italian "the cake is in the plate"
. . ͟.͟ ͟ ▄▄ ̲ ̲ ̲
. . . . . . . ╲ = La torta è sul piatto (the cake is on the plate)

╲ ͟.͟ ͟ ▄▄ ̲ ̲ ╱ = La torta è nel piatto (the cake is on the plate)


“Su”and “in” don’t have a word for word translation. We say “in the bowl” and “on the plate”. Italian uses “in” for both


The cake is a lie......


She is watching us...


I'm still alive...


the question before this: il coltello e nostro did not need the article before ours - and the discussion said it was because there was no possessive used with coltello. That rule isn't followed here - so how do you know whether it's la nostra or just nostra? Confusing


In italian, the article in front of possessive pronouns is sometimes optional, but it is never an error.
"il coltello è nostro" = "il coltello è il nostro"
The difference is Very subtle and IMHO there is no real difference in meaning

instead, there is a slight difference in meaning if the sentence is in its negative form.
"il coltello non è nostro" = "the knife is not ours" (maybe we have one or more knives or maybe we don't have any).
"il coltello non è il nostro" = "the knife is not ours" (but surely we have or we have had a knife)


My understanding is that nostro is an adjective whereas il nostro is a pronoun, so it is "ours" (adjective) or "ours" (pronoun as in "our one") respectively.


How would i translate:"The cake is on our plate"?

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Would it be, "La torta e' nel suo piatto"? Anyone?


Wouldn't it be "La torte e nel nostro piatto"?

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You are right, I made a mistake.


I think it is "la torta è nel nostro piatto." it was the cake not the cakes.


No. Calma. Hai in testa una grande confusione! "La torta è nel nostro piatto" is "The cake is on our plate" I see that you are very confused. In my opinion you should study grammar: verbs, nouns, singular and plural...


How can I know when to use nel and when nello


Nel: in + il Masculine singular: "Nel ristorante" Nello: in + lo Used in front of z or s + consonant: "Nello zoo" Nella: in + la Feminine singular: "Nella torta" Nei: in + i Masculine plural: "Nei piatti" Nelle: in + le Feminine plural: "Nelle torte" Negli: Masculine plural in front of vowel: "Negli uomini"


Why is it nel and not sul?


Well, that I'm not entirely sure of. There is a rumor going around that Italian plates are deeper! Don't think it's correct though! Anyways, Duo does accept both last I knew. I always used "on."


It's the same in Portuguese xDD We say things are in the plate, not on it


So when I translate either 'nel' or 'nello' in English, it can be either 'in the' or 'on the' right depending on the situation. Or there are exceptions?


There's a real tug of war with that cake lol


La tua è sul piano.


When should you use nostra and nostro?


Nostra corresponds with feminine nouns such as: la nostra torta, la nostra ragazza. Nostro corresponds with masculine nouns such as: il nostro coltello, il nostro ragazzo.


The=La cake=torta is=é on =nel our=nostro piatto=plate.

On=sul It is not entirely wrong, to say "il cibo è sul piatto," but in Italian it is generally said that the food is "nel piatto". 'Sul' is for flat surfaces.


This is our plate.

This plate is ours.


when do u use e nel and just nel ???


"È nel" translates to "Is in the," as in the sentence "L'ape è nella bottiglia." (the bee is in the bottle) "Nel" is just "In the," as in the phrase, "Nella bottiglia" (in the bottle)


When do i use nostra and when do i use nostro?


You use 'nostra' for feminine nouns, 'nostro' for masculine (i.e. la nostra ricetta, il nostro ragazzo)


I'm getting this wrong every time as he sounds like he is saying nostre.


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A trick to avoid falling into this type of trap:

La torta nel piatto é la nostra.

Le torte nei piatti sono le nostre.

Non è possibile mettere "nostre" alla fine di questa frase, perché "nostre" è plurale e il resto della frase è al singolare.


the female voice is saying "nella" not "nel" got it wrong twice now after listening in slo mo many many times


I heard nella. Didn't think it was correct.


Sounds like something Mario would say.


What is the difference between nostro, nostre, and nostra?


Nostro "a thing with a male name or a male person/animal belongs to us" Il pane è nostro./ Nostro figlio/ il nostro gatto / il nostro pensiero.

Nostra "a thing with a female name, or a female person/animal belongs to us" Nostra figlia / la nostra gatta / la nostra casa

Nostre "Two or more things with a female name or female persons/animals belong to us" Quelle quindici torte sono nostre / Le nostre figlie / le nostre giornate / le nostre sei gatte.


Ok, grazie mille!


I wrote the correct answer??


Why the app does let not put the words for the right places?


Sounds like he said 'ai' i stead of 'è', and I thought that doesnt make any sense


What is wrong with my answer


Why not our instead our


Its space mistake


Its space mistake .

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