"I forgive you."

Translation:Mi pardonas vin.

July 13, 2015

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Also, does everyone get the same wrong translations? If so, option 2, "Mi vin enhavis," "I contained you," is hilarious.


They seem to be randomly generated by the system... but they do come out hilarious sometimes!


What's the difference between pardonas and pardonpetas?


peti is to ask someone to do something.

pardoni is to forgive, pardonpeti is to ask someone to forgive = to ask for forgiveness, to apologise.


I thought with pardoni, the direct object was the transgression being forgiven, and the indirect object was the commiter of the transgression. E.G. "Pardonu al ni niajn sxuldojn" ("Forgive us our debts [trespasses]", part of the Lord's prayer). The debts, sxuldojn, is the thing being forgiven, and us, ni, are the "debters."


It can be either; PIV gives as examples both "pardoni ion al iu" (to forgive something to someone) and "pardoni iun pri io" (to forgive someone about somehting).

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