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Offline XP not saved


I have made 2 lessons offline, after connexion the 2 lessons are still completed but my XP is reduced.

I suspected this problem without proofs until now but this morning (5 hours ago), I was very close to German 8 level and I have no lesson completed after le shortcut. I switch offline and completed 2 lessons to reach 8 level. When I switch online, I am 7 level again.

However, these 2 lessons are well saved in my stream tab and in the weekly progress bloc. Just XP progressbar is missing.


October 14, 2013



Hey Armagnak- Thanks for letting us know and giving all of these details. We're going to take a closer look, but I can tell that you have not lost any points.


My XP Chinese not saving in my silver league table Currentky reducing from 2000

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