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  5. "Where is she living?"

"Where is she living?"

Translation:Cá bhfuil sí ina cónaí?

July 13, 2015



I think I've seen this "where is/are x living?" sentence with gconaí, chonaí and conaí in it. What is dictating the lenition and eclipsis? What is the literal translation of the sentence?


The meaning of a determines the initial mutation:

  • Cá bhfuil sí ina cónaí? (literally “Where is she in her dwelling?”), when a means “her”;
  • Cá bhfuil sé ina chónaí? (literally “Where is he in his dwelling?”), when a means “his”;
  • Cá bhfuil siad ina gcónaí? (literally “Where are they in their dwelling?”), when a means “their”.


Aha! That makes sense, then. And the "a" you're referring to, I assume is part of the "compound "ina"? I really should go redo the preposition section...


Yes, ina = in + a.


Thanks! Great explanation!


Go raibh maith agam


Why do we translate this to present continuous? We'we only studied present habitual so far.


This is an English-to-Irish exercise, and Cá bhfuil sí ina cónaí? isn't in the present continuous, nor does it contain the habitual present tense of the verb "live", but it is a common construction in Irish that is used in situations where English speakers would say either "Where is she living?" or "Where does she live?*.


'Cén áit a bhfuil sí ina cónaí ' - marked as wrong. Possible?


Yes, particularly in Connemara, and cá háit a bhfuil... in Kerry.

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