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  5. "Колись навесні"

"Колись навесні"

Translation:Once in spring

July 13, 2015



I'd start using 'somewhen' in conversation, but somewho would probably kick me in the head.


Apparently the translation is "somewhen in the spring"... I don't know if that's an outdated word or used more in other places, but I've never heard anyone use the word somewhen and it doesn't sound at all natural to me. Sometime definitely sounds a lot better. and is what I would usually use in that context. "When are you going on holiday?" "Sometime in the spring."

And as Myron said, it's without the space. some time = an amount of time sometimes = occasionally sometime = an unspecified point in time


Totally agree, for me, sometime seems as good translation for колись as some time


Somewhen is not an english word.


The above was given as another correct solution. DL really wanted "Some time in the spring." as the correct response.

I actually responded with "sometime in the spring." to which DL indicated I had missed a space in sometime.

Some time means "a length of time." Sometime means "at a time that either is not specified or is not even known." Sometimes means "occasionally (at unspecified times)." http://www.mit.edu/course/21/21.guide/sometime.htm

Does Колись translate as both sometime and some time?

Or do you mean "some time during the spring.?"


Some time (a length of time) - деякий час
Sometimes - іноді, деколи, часом

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