"We are going somewhere. Mark knows where."

Translation:Ми їдемо кудись. Марк знає куди.

July 13, 2015

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Could this be translated as "Ми їдемо десь. Марко знає де" as well?


Десь and кудись seem to both mean "somewhere." When do you use each one?


Кудись is a direction: ми їдемо кудись. Десь - is a place where we or anything is: він зараз десь за кордоном


Your explanation of the two words matches the dictionary hints however, "somewhere" could very easily be capitalized thus making it a proper noun or the name of a ????. This would make Somewhere a destination. English is my native lanuage and i have travelled throught most of the English speaking countries and have yet to come across an instance of "somewhere" being a direction. Often if someone says "I am going somewhere" it is because they desire to keep the destination from the other person.

In conclusion, the Ukrainian sentence does not match the English unless кудись is an elusive answer rather than specific.


This exercise confuses me between десь і кудись. I can only hope the exercise is correct.


Why not десь since going somewhere is going to a place rather than a direction?


Exactly. Going TO a place, not going at a place.


Дякую, зараз я думаю, що це зрозуміло...we'll see, LOL

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