"He translated the whole book in three months!"

Translation:Li tradukis la tutan libron en tri monatoj!

July 14, 2015

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Kiom da paĝoj ĝi havis?


Would "dum tri monatoj" work here?


That would mean "during three months". If he got tired of doing that and never finished, that would be appropriate. Using "en" implies that the work is achieved.


Is there a reason why "three months" would not take the accusative in this sentence, as can be the case with duration of time?


A rule laid out by Zamenhof himself about prepositions governing the nominative. Any clause that follows a preposition (such as en, sur, ktp) is in the object (nominative) form, unless there is a further use of direction involved.
For example: La kato kuras sub la tablo, the preposition sub governs the nominative, hence la tablo." But if we want there to be a stronger sense of direction we might say the same sentence with sub la tablon which would mean that the cat was elsewhere and ran under the table.
I cannot think of a way to adequately translate en tri monatojn since that would indicate that the book had, somehow, physically entered into three months.
I do hope that this helps.


It does, thank you! :)

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