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Purchased a Certificate, now what?

I just purchased a certificate for 25lingots, It deducted the 25lingots but nothing actually happened. How do I take the test/certificate? Am I missing something? Thanks everyone!

October 14, 2013



Hey! We're taking a look. If there are issues here (which there seem to be) we're going to refund you your 25 lingots and get you access to the certification exam after we debug. Thanks for understanding!


Hey Kristinemc! Thanks for the quick followup! You guys rock!


When i tried for a certificate, the "continue" buttons stopped working after a few questions and i had to close.


It worked when I turned off my adblock.


Hi joeltb, I just refunded your 25 lingots.

Can you tell us what browser/OS are you using, and whether you have any plugins (like popup blockers) installed? There seems to be a problem for some people getting started, and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it.


Hey Tatou, I am using OS X 10.8.5 w/ Google Chrome Version 30.0.1599.69. I do have AdBockPlus installed as well as "Better Pop Up Blocker" but both are/were disabled on duolingo.com to avoid any issue like the one I am having. Thanks for the refund! Keep up good work. I love Duolingo!


I used Chrome, and I do have popup blockers, but I got to do two certificates last week with no problems. I hope you get to do your certificate soon joeltb!


I spent 50 lingots and twice tried to complete the test for the certificate. Both times it froze after I successfully answered the first question. I sent a note to Duolingo and they refunded my lingots. I tried again today and again it froze after I successfully answered the first question. I am using IE 9. I have no trouble with the lessons, so I don't think it is the popup blocker. Is anyone else having a problem with freezing?


Hi Jim, did you get a popup message that says something like "We're sorry, Duolingo is experiencing problems now..." ? Or did the site just freeze up completely? We're trying very hard to figure out what's going on...


I only have a freezing problem if I am typing or pressing enter as the countdown timer on a practice session hits 0. The session freezes and I can't get out without losing my points.


Same thing happened to me. I assume it's because I have adblocker. I'll disable and try again.


Ah, I have that too. I'll do the same later.


the same thing happened to me! can i get my lingots back please?

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