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"Here is a photo of that tree."

Translation:Jen foto de tiu arbo.

July 14, 2015



Jen foto de tiu arbo. In English, it displays a complete sentence, Here is a photo of that tree. Is Jen considered a verb in this context? Cxi tie estas foto de tiu arbo, is correct of course, but does Jen really replace that much of the sentence? Or is it an acceptable fragment?


"Ĉi tie estas" and "jen" has slightly different meanings. When you use "jen", the emphasis is not on the fact that that thing is here, but something slightly more.

Like when someone wants to show you his bike or idk, and leads you to the garage, and says "Look, here it is, this is my bike!".

For "jen" there is the Hungarian "íme" and the Russian "вот". But unfortunately there isn't any better way in English to translate "jen" other than "here is", at least I don't know any.

The point is that jen is not just simply replacing "ĉi tie estas".


What's the difference between tio and tiu?


Must be a pretty cool tree


So in Esperanto there is no way do differentiate if this is a photo that belongs to the tree or if the tree is on the photo?


Of course there is a way.

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