My boyfriend is from Bosnia and I would love to be able to talk just a bit of his language. Does anyone know, if Duolingo is planning on making a course?

July 14, 2015


I wouldn't count on a Bosnian Course anytime soon. However, here a few suggestions:

There is a company 50 Languages that has both Android and Itunes apps, as well as a link to an Online Bosnian Phrasebook with Audio.

You could also directly download the English-Bosnian and Bosnia-English audio files for listening.

You could get a copy of Colloquial Croatian and Serbian, 1998 right now there are used copies for $0.01. However, I'd suggest a copy of Colloquial Serbian, 2005 with free audio from Routledge or Colloquial Croatian, 2005 also with free audio from Routledge.

I recommend its a language exchange-based social network website.

I think there was some talk about having a Serbian and/or Croatian on duo but it might not happen for another year or so. It's not even in incubator at this time. And if and when they do develop a course I highly doubt that they'll pick a Bosnian standard for duo, seeing as they go with the most commonly spoken language variant from the similar subset ie American English as opposed to British or Australian, Latin American Spanish and not Castilian and so on. But yeah I would love to learn it on here or any other Slavic courses they could provide :)

Bosnia's official languages are Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian.

Course: Bosnian Croatian Serbian
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Crna Gora protests the name of this course!

Just kidding :)

Yes, I would really love Bosnian!!!

Yes! I would like to learn Bosnian too! The place that I have recently started working at in the United States has a high rate of Bosnian speakers coming into this town. I am almost a registered dietitian and I would like to start learning this language to speak with the Bosnian population here.

I hope it does!!

Hvala vama for your support! Don't forget to also support other dialects of Naš/Наш too! - -

As one user, Druden, stated, "I feel like there is tension in the incubator as far as which language (Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/ Montenegrin) to teach. I hope the Duolingo enthusiasts from the four former Yugoslav republics can put their political differences aside and let the artist formerly known as Serbo-Croatian stand up! I'd like to start reading Milorad Pavic, so for that reason I'm looking forward to learning Serbian!"

Thank you so much. I totally agree with you. If all the Duo users and enthusiasts were to merge together and collaborate on putting the technical, political terminology of the language aside, it would become popular, easier to contribute, and more likely to go into incubator. In my opinion, I would hate to see people make a big fuss on what the language should be called (such as Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin). I think a better, fair way to title this language can be (Serbo-Croat-Bosnian or Yugoslavic or Slavic) which I prefer since it correlates to all four sub-dialect. One issue is, however, what alphabets will it be in. Majority of Croatia, Bosnia use Latin alphabet while Majority of Serbia uses Cyrillic alphabet. I understand this should be a conflict of interest. Aside from the alphabet question, I believe there should be no other conflicts of interest. Again, my main point here is that they should be all be merged together as one language rather than separate sub-dialect languages.. They may all be different dialects, but it doesn't make it a different language. All the dialects could be included as there is always more than one way to say something. Can't wait for this to be solved and done. GO SLAVIC. HAJMO SLAVIC.

Another user, meSanti, stated this below perfectly so don't give those "It's two different language" excuses. No where is that ever stated from a unbiased, linguistic viewpoint. You only see these excuses from biased, and purely political viewpoints.

"To call Serbian and Croatian different languages just because "some" words are not the same makes no sense whatsoever. Following that exact same logic, the people from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, etc, etc they all speak different languages. The same goes for the 20 countries where Spanish is an official language, they all speak different languages. It's absurd. The root of the "Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian are different languages" is purely political and has no basis in linguistics. They are simply dialects of the same language, i.e. varieties of a language that is a characteristic of a particular group of the language's speakers. Regardless of the name you wish to use, it would a waste of resources to create 2 or 3 separate courses, one for each dialect of the same language."

Just want to point out that duolingo has Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish and all three of these are barely different languages. There is definitely a precedent that duolingo can make separate courses for each language.

Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish are largely mutually intelligible but linguistically not the same language.

I would also like to learn Bosnian! I already know some, but not enough to be able to communicate with everyone else I know, including my family and relatives

I HOPE THEY MAKE THIS SOON!! I want to be able to travel abroad to Bosnia with a friend and want a background in the language first. It would also be nice to be able to speak the language with her family and all of the many shop owners around town. They sell such interesting things, but I just feel bad that I can't read the names. All these people have such great stories that I want to learn.

Make this course please :)

Hvala vama for your support! Don't forget to also support other dialects of Naš/Наш too! - -

Would love for this to be a course!

Hvala vama for your support! Don't forget to also support other dialects of Naš/Наш too! - -

I want to see Bosnian course in duolingo

Thank you for your support! Don't forget to also support other dialects of Naš/Наш too! - -

I would recommend you also voted in support of Serbian/Croatian language in those posts to increase a chance of getting one of those implemented.

My wife is Bosnian and I can barely communicate directly with my in-laws. Would love to learn Serbo-Croatian (or whatever we all choose to call it).

Serbian and Croatian are two languages. Serbo-Croatian was an attemp to make some mixture of these two languages, so just to clearify Serbo-Croatian as a language doesn't exsist.

BCSM is one of my favorite language families -- please Duolingo make this a course!! And please native speakers apply to contribute to the course:

I vote they add a Bosnian course! I really want to learn for my family!

Here my vote for Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian (BCMS) language! It's said to be the phonologically most transparent language, which makes it easy to learn, but still makes you getting around all over the Balkan area and enables communication with 21 Mio. native speakers (2011;!

PLEEEEEEEEESE MAKE BOSNIAN (or Serbian/Croatian) A COURSE!!!! Like really. If you couldn't tell, I really, Really want a course for the at least one of the three similar balkan languages.

A Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian would be wonderful!

This would be awesome!

I do not know, but I would love if there was one

Hey everyone! I'm a native speaker of Naš Jezik /Наш Језик (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian) and a child of the diaspora. From reading through these forums, I’ve gathered that there is some confusion about how to make a language course for this language (family). I’d like to break this down & show how this project is indeed viable. I start by discussing linguistic differences, then give some example phrases, and end by making a plea for the unified teaching of my mother tongue.

First: What to call it? Well, Naš/Наш means "our's" as in "our language" and can be considered an endonym for all the dialects therein. So there you have your language name.

Now, how to deal with the dialectical differences? There are three main distinctions here: the vowel dialect, the alphabet, and dialectical vocabulary.

1) Vowel dialect: An easy fix! There are two main dialects with different vowel forms: Ekavski and Ijekavski. The course can again simply ask you which you’d like to learn. By my estimate, about 30% of words will need to be coded to either Ijekavski/Ekavski. 2) Alphabet: a super easy fix! The course can simply have a Cyrillic (ћ) version & a Latin (L) version, which you choose when starting the course. In terms of coding, this is easy too. 3) Dialectical vocabulary/grammar: the easiest fix of all! As I see it, the course could simply specify at the end of each word which dialects it corresponds to (with blank meaning all dialects). Textbooks do this by simply adding B/H/S or Б/Х/С at the end of certain words, and agreed upon categorization of words (by my estimate, only about 10% of words differ). A user could also choose which vocab they’d like to learn (but I would recommend all three!).

Now, one must recognize that these three variables often cluster in specific dialects. But there are always exceptions to all of these rules! Let me show you: - Bosnian may often be thought of as: latin script, ijekavski vowels, + bosnian vocab, but many people understand and use serbian/croatian words as well! - Serbian may often be thought of as: cyrillic script, ekavski vowels, + serbian vocab, but many young people write in latin script! - Croatian may often be thought of as: latin script, ijekavski, + croatian vocab, though many are versed in bosnian/serbian vocab as well!

You or other native speakers might be thinking, “Wait! Aren’t there combinations that don’t exist?” My answer to you is: for each combination, there is a community that exists (even if that looks strange to some!). Duolingo may clue speakers into the most common combinations for each dialect [I give 5 iterations below].

Here is an example of how Duolingo could format the course: Welcome to Naš Jezik/Наш Језик! (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian | Bosanski/Hrvatski/Srpski | Босански/Хрватски/Српски) Do you prefer: Ekavski (Serbian standard) OR Ijekavski (Bosnian/Croatian) standard? Do you prefer: Latinica (Bosnian/Croatian [and Serbian] standard) OR ћирилица (Serbian [and Bosnian] standard)? Do you prefer: Bosnian, Croatian, or Serbian vocabulary & grammar? (Note: native speakers often know all three, although they may prefer using one.)

Sample sentence (“The child is eating bread”) in what I believe are the 5 most common combinations used in the world today (Vowels, Script, Vocab):

Дете хлеб хлеб (Б/С) [E, ћ, Б/С] < “Serbian” [most common]

Dete jede hleb [E, L, B/S] < “Serbian” [all Serbians learn to read/write in latin]

Dijete jede hljeb (B/S) [I, L, B/S] < “Bosnian” [most common]

Dijete jede kruh (H) [I, L, H] < “Bosnian” [also very common]

Dijete jede kruh (H) [I, L, H] < “Croatian” [most common]

This needn't be contentious, and would be a great way for Duolingo to accept other languages in which dialects and differences exist. This approach, in my humble opinion, is much better than dividing the languages across nationalistic lines, instead opting for their cultural and linguistic categorization. There will be people who disagree with this approach, but I argue that these people are nationalists hoping to perpetuate arbitrary distinctions that lead to prejudice. It is up to the new generation of speakers (and learners) to promote the inherent unity of these languages.

There are many skilled linguists, language schools, and a huge community of potential contributors all around the world for Naš Jezik/Наш Језик. I truly hope that Duolingo and others read this post and consider moving this to the incubator. It would mean so much to me and many others. I know that many would like to contribute (myself included)!

Ako pričate Naš i Engleski, molim vas ispunite ovaj formular za "Naš Jezik": Ако причате Наш и Енглески, молим вас испуните овај формулар за "Наш Језик":

Thank you for explaining this!

Hvala vama! Don't forget to also support other dialects of Naš/Наш too! - -

Please add Bosnian!

almost my holl faimly is Bosnia and i would love to now a littal dit of it

i know bosnian plus i am bosnian and my whole family!

Naš Jezik/Наш Језик

I really hope they make the course!

Sadly this is 2021 and Duolingo isn't adding Bosnian to their app. However, I found some interesting app that quite easy to learn as same like Duolingo (and I think this app is better than) It's called the "Ling app". In this app, you can learn your native language to Bosnian directly. I've so much fun with this app. Moreover, this app can use both on the web and mobile. You should try!

Please add the Serbo-Croatian languages. There is still interest in these!

I have good friends, primary language, Yugo-origin. So, so many have come to US, especially recently, refugees and more. Many whose language mostly falls under your Serb-Croatian category, regardless of background. Would be so helpful to so many, I think. And, especially to those native speakers…to have those closest to them have good relationships! Bring some peace and goodwill.

Thank you for reading. I’ll keep watching out for it. Duolingo is the best. I have learned so much- Spanish, Italian and Irish. Hopefully CBSM, very soon!

I wish Duolingo would make a Bosanski (Bosnian) course! :)))

I have honestly been wanting a Bosnian course for a while

That would be great, but don't become hopeful about it. As you can realize, you wrote this 3 years ago, but Duolingo hasn't been doing anything. Find yourself lucky and want your boyfriend to teach Bosnian. If I were you, I would not wait for this.

I would try Busu. I am Bosnian myself and my husband is Iranian. Cannot communicate with my family at all, only couple of words, doesn't seem too interested to learn anymore anytime soon

Ja netrebam ovo ja znam bosanski

Očito da ne znaš bosanski čim u ovako kratkoj rečenici možeš napraviti gramatičku grešku :-P

I don't know, but I would love to learn Bosnian as well.

Would love to learn Bosnian, it's my adopted daughters first language. It would be amazing to talk with her and her grandparents in their language.

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