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  5. "Li dankas min pro mia helpo."

"Li dankas min pro mia helpo."

Translation:He thanks me for my help.

July 14, 2015



I love how the tips section clearly distinguishes that "pro" = "because of" and "por" = "for", but then they go straight into this, where it could go either way, but the better translation would put "pro" with "for".


It confused me too, until I thought of an alternate way to think of that sense of "for" (ie ="por"): use "meant for" or "dedicated to" instead of "for". If it works with the sentence, then the correct word is por, if it doesnt, and "because of" does work, then its pro. Have not tested this on other sentences yet, let me know if I'm wrong.


What is the difference between pro and por? Thanks for replying...


At least for the German speakers, the difference can be easily distinguished because there is a similar concept for that : pro <-> wegen, por <-> für.


The audio recording of this exercise makes it very hard to distinguish what consonant begins the personal pronoun. I just hear "(?)i dankas pro mia helpo."

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