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  5. "Dove andremo mercoledì?"

"Dove andremo mercoledì?"

Translation:Where are we going to go on Wednesday?

October 14, 2013



this is insane. I don't know in which country someone might syathis, but in the UK we say: "Where are we going on Wednesday?" "Going to go" - weird!


Perhaps one place where you might hear someone say "where are we going to go.." is when the decision has not yet been taken and the speaker is trying get some discussion/agreement on where they want to go, whereas "where are we going..." can also be used when someone has already made the decision and the speaker is trying to find out what it is.


in Canada that's also the correct phrase: "where are we going on Wednesday?" the going implies the 'to go'.


Well, someone might say this in the US. I've said "going to go" meself.


Where are we going to go. Who are we going to see. What are we going to do. When are we going to leave. Why are we going to care how they say it in English. I care because it improves my confidence that the Italian version is correct. I love learning from your comments.


This sounds perfectly normal to me. Im a native soeaker. Nothing strange about it at all.


DL told me that "Where shall we go ....." was wrong!!!!!


Me too. Occasionally they don't seem to speak English. Or should I say 'on some occasion they seem not English to use for giving of the answers...'


"Where will we go Wednesday?" was accepted as correct.


I said where will we go on Wednesday and it was wrong. ?!


It wasn't accepted for me.


The normal, non-emphatic, "Where shall we go . . ." is marked wrong, in favour of "Where will we go . . .?" Now who uses the emphatic form in a question?


I've always understood that in a an unemphatic future grammatically it is "I and we shall".


We don't use shall very much any more.


"Where shall we go ..." was deemed incorrect; the program does not recognize I/we shall from I/we will ....


DL should be able to accept a range of answers that are commonly used in English. Has anyone tried (just for a laugh) "Whither shall we go on Wednesday?"? This is perfectly correct even if it is archaic.


Also, the program does not recognize the use of the Italian present when a near future sense is intended. If it were Monday, one might say "Dove andiamo mercoledì?" intending two days "hence."


Since I'm also doing to French lessons, it occurred to me that "going to go" might be based on some residual French version of "Je vais aller ..." in the U.S., just as "I'm going by your house" in the Midwest seems to be leftover German "bei ... Hause."


Is it wrong to say: Where shall we go on Wednesday?


Where shall we go is correct English, although marked wrong by Duo! Reported.


Sometimes it's really amazing what's considered to be wrong on duolingo. It's just not possible in all the translations to take it so "literally" For example, in the exercise to make the right combinations you have to choose "light" for "accendere" OMG!!


"where shall we go" is much closer to Queen's English than "where are we going to go", but not accepted...God save the Queen !

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