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  5. "Kitabın üstünde değil."

"Kitabın üstünde değil."

Translation:It is not on the book.

July 14, 2015



Excuse me , are there any difference between üstünde and uzerinde ?


They are almost the same, "üstünde" means on something and "üzerinde" means above something. i checked a website before and they said that In English, we wouldn't say: the flowers are above the table. However, this isn't incorrect in Turkish, you can say it.


That makes sense, thank you!

I have another question, say someone was about to put something on the book, can you say 'kitabın üstünde değil' or is that wrong?

Thanks for your help :)


How do we know that "It" is implied here?


You do not have a real verb in this sentence but normally a verb is at the end of a sentence. So here you may think:
değilim = I am not
değilsin = you are not
değil = he/she/it is not


how would you say "it is not over the book" in Turkish because it was not accepted as the right answer for the above one.


Hi, I wrote 'not on the book' but it was wrong! :(

So how do you say 'not on the book' does anyone know?


"Not on the book" is not a full sentence.

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