"Boys and girls"

Translation:Gutter og jenter

July 14, 2015



I keep forgetting but is Gutter not supposed to mean "The Boy"? Or os that Gutten?


That would be 'gutten'. 'gutter' always means 'boys'.


Thank you. Also, what then happens with "The Boys"?


I recommend you to read the Tips & Notes for this chapter, if you have the opportunity.

a boy - the boy - boys - the boys

en gutt - gutten - gutter - guttene


Thanks! Will have to check on desktop. It seems the app does not display tips and hints anywhere yet. Hopefully when its out of beta?


AFAIK, the reason those aren't available is because of current app limitations. So nobody knows if/when those will be available on phones, which is unfortunate, because they explain quite a few things. So I'd recommend you to check them on desktop whenever you get the chance.

I would still urge you to ask questions on the forum/sentence discussions if you're ever unsure of something :)


Whats the difference between pluss and og for 'and' ?

[deactivated user]

    Og is used as standard grammatical conjunction that presents non-contrasting items/ideas while pluss is primarily used in mathematics, physics, weather forecasts, during shopping sprees or as a conjunction only when you want to emphasise addition.

    Seks pluss fire er ti. (Six plus four is ten.)

    De har tre epler, sju appelsiner pluss ett stort jordbær. (They have three apples, seven oranges plus one big strawberry.)


    Im confused is it jente or jenter


    Girl - girls Jente - Jenter

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