Lingot Store quiz

Just spent 25 lingots for a quiz to evaluate my Norwegian learning progress but couldn't understand any of the questions as it was way too advanced. I'm only at level 6 so it only seems fair that the quiz should evaluate one's progress so far.

Instead, it seems like the quiz is done for someone who either is in a very advanced state or has finished all levels.

Would be nice to get my lingots back as the quiz item in the store does not specify the required level to take the test.

July 14, 2015


The purpose of the progress quiz is to measure how much progress you have made through your tree. A single test does not give you much information but if you take it regularly, like every month, you will see your progression through your tree.

Just testing what you know would not give this type of measure.

I was also surprised the first time I took a Spanish quiz (before the Norwegian course was available). I think the key is that the descriptions describes it as a way to "measure your language learning progress."

If they gave you a quiz that only measured what you had learned so far, it wouldn't measure your progress at all... For example, if you got a 100% on a quiz after you had only learned 2 skills, and then took another quiz a month later after learning 15 more skills and only scored a 90%, that wouldn't mean you actually knew LESS Norwegian when you took the second quiz.

Also, you may want to post something in the general Duolingo forums rather than on the Norwegian specific forum.

I do agree, though, that they should make the description more clear. Have a couple of lingots to make up for the ones you lost.

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